Emsculpt Neo in people aged 60+: Improve your quality of life and your waistline

From age 30, we start losing muscle. On average, it's about a 3-8% loss per decade and accelerates after age 60. By age 80, the average person has lost about 50% of their muscle mass. The medical name for this condition is sarcopenia. Upper, comparison of arm muscles in 25 yr old (L) and 65 [...]

Introducing Emsculpt Neo

Why is Emsculpt Neo the hottest new treatment for body sculpting? Emsculpt Neo not only gets rid of fat; it also increases muscle so you lose inches and you're more toned. That translates into looking and feeling stronger. What is Emsculpt Neo? Emsculpt Neo combines radiofrequency energy to shrink fat, and electromagnetic stimulation of muscles to [...]

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