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Before starting SkinTx After using SkinTx for 2 weeks

Kelly has been using the SkinTx system for 2 weeks.SkinTx includes 4 programs: Rejuvenation for dry skin, Rejuvenation for combination or oily skin, Hyper-pigmentation and Acne.

Kelly is using the Program 2, Rejuvenation for combination or oily skin.

The first change that Kelly noticed was that the skin around her eyes got softer.

What I see is an overall brightening of her complexion and a softening of the lines and wrinkles in her face.

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Before After 2 weeks

Some people find the first 2 weeks of using SkinTx can be challenging. You go home with a bag of products and it seems overwhelming at first to use the products in the correct order. We give you a form that lays out how to use the products and in what order. In addition, the products are numbered and coded with symbols for morning or evening use. I recommend that you stand the products on the bathroom shelf in number order and stick the form on the wall or mirror so you can see at a glance what product to use next and how to use it.

The first phase of using SkinTx, the Skin Rescue phase, can last up to 6 weeks but is usually the worst in the first 2 weeks. In this phase, the skin can be reddened, itchy, flaky or sensitive. Wrinkles and acne can actually appear worsened in this phase. It is important to stick with the products through the Rescue Phase, in order to reap the benefits of beautiful skin down the road. We have lots of tips for helping you get through the Rescue Phase.

Kelly experienced only a little bit of dryness and sensitivity in a small area of her face. And as you can see, her skin improved a lot in just 2 weeks.