How to make your decolletage look younger

I love the French term for it: décolleté or décolletage. The English term, chest, sounds so mundane and, maybe, masculine. We're not just talking about the breasts but rather, the lovely expanse of skin from the neck down; the part that looks very inviting framed in a nicely-shaped neckline. Even if you're carrying a few extra [...]

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Kelly’s Progress: 2 weeks

Before starting SkinTx After using SkinTx for 2 weeks Kelly has been using the SkinTx system for 2 weeks.SkinTx includes 4 programs: Rejuvenation for dry skin, Rejuvenation for combination or oily skin, Hyper-pigmentation and Acne. Kelly is using the Program 2, Rejuvenation for combination or oily skin. The first change that Kelly noticed was that the [...]

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Take the SkinTx Challenge!

Think skincare doesn't really make a difference to the quality of your skin? We're going to prove that medical-grade skincare really works! Meet Kelly, 38, who recently joined our team at Advanced Rejuvenation. As an esthetician, Kelly has always practised good skincare. However her love of spending time outdoors means that sun damage has taken its toll. [...]

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Now is the time to erase signs of sun damage

Now that cooler temperatures have arrived and the sun has slipped behind clouds, our tans are fading. Our winter skin is showing all of the after-effects of the sun-brightened skin that we enjoyed in the summer.When you look in the mirror, you're probably not seeing a smooth bright even-toned complexion.You're probably seeing brown spots -- sun [...]

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Chemical peels on the body: My latest favourite thing

Medical grade chemical peels work. They increase the turnover of cells, making the skin smoother and more dewy. They reduce pigment in the skin. Certain peels hydrate. They can smooth out wrinkles. If you have acne, peels are great for reducing blemishes and improving the appearance of your skin.However, to tell you the truth, I don't [...]

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Treat your skin with Vitamin A

Continuing from my previous post What's in a skincare regimen, this article discusses Vitamin A derivatives as part of the treatment phase of a skincare protocol. An earlier article discussed the benefit of the Vitamin C serums.Vitamin A: you take it internally as part of a healthy diet but today we're talking about the amazing things [...]

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