I love the French term for it: décolleté or décolletage. The English term, chest, sounds so mundane and, maybe, masculine. We’re not just talking about the breasts but rather, the lovely expanse of skin from the neck down; the part that looks very inviting framed in a nicely-shaped neckline.

Even if you’re carrying a few extra pounds, you can still have a gorgeous décolletage and no one will be looking at the roll around your waist or size of your butt.

Unfortunately this is a part of the body that suffers from sun damage, making the skin crepey and discoloured, not the firm creamy skin we want to be showing. Nothing is worse than pushing the girls up and seeing saggy wrinkly skin.

Susan Sarandon has a beautiful decolleteI saw this picture of Susan Sarandon recently and thought Yes!

Her skin looks amazing — smooth and pearly. Very aspirational.

Susan is 70 now but you’d never know it by looking at her. She keeps her skin looking bright, firm and radiant, including her neck and chest.

Some people focus only on their faces, leaving their decolletage and hands to give the game away. However Susan keeps everything in great balance.

What would it take to have an awesome decolletage like this?

A good starting point would be to get rid of the brown and red discoloration indicative of sun damage. The 2 products that make a big difference in this area are Lytera Brightening Cream and Total Defense + Repair SPF.

The new formulation of Lytera (Lytera 2.0) works faster to clear brown spots. Total Defense + Repair SPF contains antioxidants that reverse signs of aging, in addition to protecting against new damage. Brighter, firmer, more radiant skin can be soon as early as 2 weeks after starting these products, and results keep getting better for 12 weeks.

You can speed up the clearance of red and brown discoloration by adding some IPL or laser treatments.

To get rid of crepiness or wrinkling of the skin, I recommend the microneedling (MN) treatments. Microneedling stimulates your skin to make more collagen and new cells, making the skin firmer, smoother and thicker.

Collagen is cream coloured so boosting collagen in the skin really gives it a pearly appearance, just like Susan Sarandon’s in this image.

Do you have an event coming up where you’d like to wear a beautiful neckline and show a little skin? Make sure your skin looks smooth, bright and radiant with the right skincare and treatments.

If you do nothing else, wear sunscreen on your chest every day that your chest skin will be exposed, no matter what the weather is doing.