“Are you tired?” “What are you so mad about?” “You look sad today.”

How often do you hear questions like that and think “I’m not tired” “I’m not mad about anything” “I feel fine” ?

As we age, wrinkles become ingrained, and our faces lose volume in all the wrong places, making us look angry, sad and tired. And people treat us differently when we look like we’re not happy.

Here’s my prescription:

  • Tighten the skin using physical treatments to lift up sagging skin. These treatments make you look younger and fresher while lifting eyebrows, the corners of your mouth and your jawline.
  • Restore lost volume carefully. This doesn’t mean bigger cheeks and bigger lips like the Real Housewives of Wherever. It means subtle and specific volume replacement in places like the temples, the fat pads of the cheeks, the chin and jawline to create softness that makes you look younger and fresher without looking “done.”
  • Relax the muscles that are creating that angry or sad look.
  • And finally, use the best skincare products to protect your skin and maintain it’s vitality.

Does this really work? One of my clients shared her experience. After we had done some skin treatments on her, restored some volume with dermal fillers and relaxes her frown lines with Botox® Cosmetic, she came in for her follow-up and said “I must look more approachable.” Apparently, she had started having strangers on the street talking to her in a friendly way.

If you’re wondering what it would take to look younger, fresher and softer, why not come in for a consultation? We can map out a treatment course that addresses your priorities and works with your schedule and your budget. The consultation costs you nothing and the transformation will make you feel like a million bucks.

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