If you’re jobless and aged over 55 years, you’re probably having a difficult time being considered for a new job, let alone actually getting it.

The US Department of Labor’s statistics published in June show that unemployment rates for those over 55 are the highest they’ve been since 1948, 7%. And older workers remain jobless for far longer than younger workers.

…unemployed workers 55 or older were jobless an average of nearly 30 weeks, compared with about 21 weeks for those under 55. That gap has widened during the recession: In 2006, it averaged only six weeks.

The prejudices that younger supervisors have against older employees include the fear that the worker is more likely to injure himself on the job, for instance by falling, more likely to require more sicktime and less likely to have new ideas or be up on new technology.

Many job-seekers are adjusting their resumes to exclude dates, and sometimes cutting out certain experience or qualifications that indicates age or over-qualification.

Another strategy is to erase some of the signs of aging in the face so the interviewer will accept you as 10 or 20 years younger than your actual age.

In our recent 10 Years Younger in Burlington program, we performed a variety of treatments to reduce signs of aging all on the same day on the winner and 4 runners-up.

Each treatment requires some healing time before you see the final results so doing all of the treatments on the same day meant that everything had healed 1 week later. All of the ladies who underwent the treatments felt that it was very tolerable to have light and laser treatments as well as Botox and Juvederm injections on the same day.

You can see the results for each one by clicking on their links: Margaret, Celeste, Kathy M, Kathy P and Christine.

For all the male job seekers out there, don’t be put off that these stories are all about women. I have written about how celebrities are getting laser and filler treatments to stay looking young here and here, and I have also shown how restoring the cheeks can take 10 – 20 years off a man’s face here.

The approach to the male face has to be quite different from the female face to avoid feminizing the features. My techniques for men are all directed at keeping you looking masculine, handsome and ageless.

I strongly urge you to come and see me at Advanced Rejuvenation so we can talk about your specific issues and the best treatments to make you look younger and more vital. Call 905-340-0401 for an appointment.