You might not believe these are pictures of the same person but they are. And they’re taken on the same day!

This is a more advanced example of bagging of the lower eyelids. I think you’ll agree these are definite festoons. Click here and here for examples of less advanced changes.

This is another person who received Dr. Carey’s Tri-Site Bolus technique. He had a total of 13 syringes injected in one day.

What a difference!

In the After picture, the folds in the lower lids have been smoothed out so you can see where the depth of the fold never got tanned like the rest of his face. Those white lines will disappear in a few days with normal outdoor activities. The cheeks look naturally rounded. His nose looks smaller because the tissues around the nose are built up again. Everything is back in proportion.

I’m really excited about this technique because the results are so natural-looking and so long-lasting. This man has maintained his appearance for several years with no touch ups.

This treatment took 15 – 20 years off this man’s appearance.