Think skincare doesn’t really make a difference to the quality of your skin? We’re going to prove that medical-grade skincare really works!


Meet Kelly, 38, who recently joined our team at Advanced Rejuvenation.

As an esthetician, Kelly has always practised good skincare. However her love of spending time outdoors means that sun damage has taken its toll.

Kelly’s skin looks dull and mottled. The mottling comes from the brown sun spots dotting her face. We know from studies that the appearance of sun spots can add 7 years to your appearance.

The dullness comes from the roughness that is beginning to develop. Left untreated, it would continue to get worse over time, leading to leathery skin.

You can see that Kelly is still having trouble with the occasional blemish as well.


I didn’t think that the textural changes to Kelly’s skin showed up in the above picture so I included this detail from her forehead.

Here you can see that Kelly has some wrinkles — the “11’s” between her brows and the horizontal forehead lines. I could smooth these lines out pretty easily with some Botox but I would rather show you what good skincare can do for them.

She also has a network of fine lines. These lines develop into the crepiness that we see so often in older women.

Kelly is starting on a regimen of SkinTx, the advanced skincare line from Vivier. SkinTx can truly transform skin with advanced signs of aging, hyperpigmentation or severe acne.

Ingredients include Vitamin C, an essential building block for collagen formation and also useful for lightening pigmentation, Vitamin A for improving texture, exfoliating and reducing blemishes, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) for exfoliation and improving texture, Hydroquinone for reducing pigmentation and botanical ingredients that support healthy skin.

I’m going to be posting articles on this blog to show Kelly’s progress every 2 weeks with SkinTx. Why not come in and talk to her yourself?