Did you ever wonder what treatments the experts choose to have?

In the last few weeks, everyone at Advanced Rejuvenation had the opportunity to choose one treatment that they wanted to get ready for the holidays. I thought you might be interested in what we each chose and why we chose them.

I have to preface the comments by saying that all of us are pretty topped up in the filler department so no one had to consider whether or not to have lips plumped up. Lips and cheeks would be pretty high on my list if they weren’t already done.

My sister and I both chose to have Pixel laser treatments. She’s 49 and I’m 45 so we both wanted the skin-tightening and rejuvenating effects of a Pixel. We both tend to have heavy upper lids so we experimented with having some laser done there. We only had laser where the skin was over bone so our eyes were safe. You can’t do laser to the mobile eyelids (over the eyeball itself) without corneal shields.

I really like the way a Pixel makes my skin look smooth and poreless. Nic wanted to brighten the remaining pigment around her mouth and below her eyes. (She made a lot of progress with pigment using the C E Kinerol serum.)

Laura also chose the Pixel. She’s young and has beautiful skin but her pores do get enlarged so Laura likes the Pixel for general maintenance and for pore-tightening effects.

Jackie chose an Accent facial. She was considering botox for frown lines but the muscle activity wasn’t very strong. Jackie knew that the Accent radiofrequency treatment would help to smooth her frown lines. Her main consideration was that she had a party to go to that night so she wanted a treatment that would make her whole face look good with no downtime.

On the day of the treatment, the Accent radiofrequency energy tightens up the existing collagen in the skin, making everything look smoother and tighter. This tightening wears off over 2 or 3 days and then in the weeks after the treatment, the body makes new collagen fibers in the treatment area, leading to long-lasting improvement.

Our youngest team member, Claire, chose a medical facial with steam and extractions because she still has problems with blackheads and congested pores. The medical facial combines the best of medical-grade products that make your skin glow for 7 – 10 days with spa pampering such as hot towels on your face, hands and feet, massage, aromatherapy and pressure point therapy.