The first client using the Refining Cellulite Body Lotion came in yesterday and said that she could already see a difference with it.

In another case, I personally just did an Accent treatment on a client this morning and applied the Refining Cellulite Body Lotion immediately afterwards.

I wasn’t expecting to see a difference but I did see a modest difference. This person dropped about half a point on the 0 – 4 point cellulite assessment scale in the lotion-treated leg compared to the non-treated leg.

What’s interesting about the case that I was doing today was that if the lotion had been applied to both sides, we probably would not have detected the difference. Remember, this client had just had an Accent treatment so I would have ascribed the difference to that.

These observations tell us nothing about how long the difference will last, just that it shows up right away after the lotion is applied.

The study that we are currently doing will help us know how long the improvement lasts with the lotion (hours, days, weeks, longer?). It will also show us whether the difference between the treated and untreated legs increases with prolonged use of the lotion.

If you want to find out what the study is telling us about the Refining Cellulite Body Lotion, keep checking in with this blog.

If you are in the Southern Ontario area and want to participate in the study, contact us as soon as possible at 905-340-0401. This is a small study and spaces are filling up quickly.