These images are Laura’s mouth, Before (left) and After (right) putting some Teosyal KISS in her upper lip.

You saw Laura’s full face previously in this article.

Laura has a very pretty, full lower lip but her upper lips was quite thin in comparison. I injected just over half a syringe (0.6 mL to be exact) in her upper lip only to create a more balanced mouth.

She’s really thrilled with the results. And she looks so natural that her mother and most of her girlfriends didn’t even notice the change until it was pointed out.

The results with Teosyal KISS last for 6 – 9 months in the mouth, which is longer than you can expect with Restylane and Juvederm. Teosyal will last longer in other areas like the cheeks. The high level of movement and muscle action in the mouth area contributes to the decreased longevity in this area.