When you’re talking about changes in the volumes of the face, that is, whether the parts that should be full are full and in the right place, the first sign of aging is that line that starts at the inside corner of the eye and extends diagonally outward and downward.

The older you are, the more noticeable this line gets until it becomes a deep groove in the cheek.

This line develops because the fat pad of the cheek is going south, leaving too much loose skin in the area.

We can fix this really easily with Teosyal UltraDeep hyaluronic acid filler.

My esthetician Laura is in her late 20’s and has beautiful skin but even her best esthetic skills couldn’t prevent the volume changes from occurring. I was noticing that diagonal line in her cheek and finally she let me fix it.


Before, Laura’s cheeks were flat up on the cheekbone and the shape of her face is a little more bulgy at the jawline than we would like. Our camera system tends to hide this line in its early stages because of the lighting arrangement but the 3/4 profile shows a shallow diagonal indentation in the cheek.

After, Laura’s cheeks are naturally and youthfully rounded. Look at the shape of her face: she’s no longer bulgy at the jawline but tapers from the cheeks down to the jaw. She also has more of a contour under her cheeks although you see that better in real life than in these images.

Laura is absolutely thrilled to have her face back to the way it looked 5 years ago. The change is subtle but Laura really sees it.

What’s even better is that most people don’t recognize a change in your cheeks. They’ll see that you’re looking better but not know the reason why. Laura’s husband didn’t notice the change in her cheeks (mind you, he doesn’t notice a change in her hair color either).

Laura’s case was subtle and this technique works really well even on advanced cases. Come to Advanced Rejuvenation if you would like to see some Before & After pictures on older people with more extreme volume changes.

P.S. Laura got asked for ID after she had her cheeks done and the guy thought it was fake. He couldn’t believe she was over 19!

ADDENDUM: You can see examples of more advanced changes in the cheeks and lower lids here and here.