Donatella Versace is always making the lists for bad plastic surgery. What is she doing that is drawing so much criticism?

These images are from 1993 and 2007.

The first and most obvious problem is that her look hasn’t really changed. Long bleached blond hair, thick black eyeliner and mascara don’t suit her age and look dated.

The next problem is that the work she is having is not balanced. She gets a lot of filler in her lips, making her mouth look excessively large.

She has not had a sufficient volume restored to her cheeks so her mouth looks too young for the rest of her face.

She has had some subtle tightening of her neck and jawline, most likely a surgical neck lift. She has also had a brow lift.

Another problem is that her face and body don’t match.

Her skin is leathery and saggy. She looks scrawny rather than slim. Her breast implants are out of proportion for her body size.

This degree of tanning is reversing any rejuvenating treatments that she has done to her face.

If Donatella stopped tanning and updated her look, she would get a lot more compliments.

(Top photos source here. (Bikini photo source here.)

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