I used to feel anxious when a family gathering or holiday time was coming up. I knew that there would be photos taken and mine would always depress the h*** out of me.

Now I’m pretty happy with the way I look: beautiful smooth radiant skin, cheeks restored to their correct position, taut jawline, fresh-looking eyes.

My transformation took place over a couple of years but I created a 1-month treatment plan for our 10 Years Younger program last spring and I’d like to share it with you.

These photos show what Catherine, aged 58, looked like at the beginning (left) and end (right) of her 10 Years Younger program.

The lightening and brightening of her skin is real. The smoothing and tightening of her skin is real. This is not makeup or photo retouching.

What we did for Catherine was get her on good, medical-grade skincare so her skin responded well to all of the other treatments. This is like preparing the canvas for a painting.

We erased brown sun damage and red discoloration from Catherine’s skin to make it bright and radiant. We created long-lasting tightening of the skin to smooth out lines and sagging. We relaxed the facial muscles that were causing frown lines. We plumped up the cheeks and lips to a more youthful contour.

We did all of this for Catherine in a 1-month period.

The holidays are coming, with all of the parties, get-togethers and family photos.

This year, do you want to look another year older? Or would you rather look 10 years younger?