In an earlier post, I talked about that diagonal line that runs from the inner corner of the eye downwards and outwards on the cheek. This line is called the nasojugal fold.

Today I am showing another change in the face that is part of the same process: the bagging of the lower eyelids.

Bags like these develop under the eyes as a result of 2 processes: 1. loss of volume (fat) in the area and 2. sagging of the skin. The skin is attached to the deeper structures of the face along the lower rim of the eye socket so excess skin above this attachment point will billow out as a bag. As the process advances you can end up with lower lids that look like festoons (think of those fancy window treatments that hang across the curtain rod in baggy folds).

We used to think that eyelid surgery was the only option for lids like these but this woman got these great results without surgery.

This is an example of using Teosyal dermal filler to improve the appearance of the midface. The technique is called the Tri-Site Bolus and was pioneered by Dr. Wayne Carey of Montreal. I had the privilege of being in one of his first training courses for this technique.

The Tri-Site Bolus technique gives beautiful, natural results like these in one visit but what is even more exciting is the longevity of the results. With conventional injection techniques for Teosyal, I tell people that it will last around 1 year in the cheekbone area.

With the Tri-Site Bolus technique, patients are getting results that are lasting longer than 7 years!

In summary, you can get great natural-looking rejuvenation of the lower eyelids and cheek area in one office visit, using a pure product that occurs naturally in the body (Teosyal), and achieving results that will last for years. You walk out of the office looking 5 – 20 years younger than you looked when you walked in.

Depending on how advanced your problem is, you may need to spend $4,000 – $8,000 or more for the correct number of syringes of Teosyal. However if you compare the cost with what you’d pay for a good facelift ($15,000 – $25,000) and consider the downtime and the fact that a facelift lasts around 8 years, the Tri-Site Bolus makes economic as well as aesthetic sense.

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