Hart Lip

Bev’s results with Hart Lip technique

Lip filler is often the most noticeable and criticized treatments. We can all think of famous women who were natural beauties until they went down the road of too much lip filler. But for many of us, the loss of volume in our lips as we age makes us feel unattractive and over-the-hill. Restoring our [...]

Beautiful natural lip filler results

For beautiful natural lip augmentation, I prefer the Hart Lip technique. Let me show you Sandy's results: BEFORE AFTER Here we see Sandy's Before and After pictures. You can see that a lot more of the pink part of the lip, known as the vermillion in medical terms, is showing. The margins [...]

Introducing a new lip filler injection technique that gives beautiful natural results

Let's face it, our lips thin out as we age. Restoring lost volume in the lips is a quick and easy way to make the lips and thus our whole face look younger. Not only younger but prettier and more feminine. However, we've all seen lip filler disasters where the lips end up looking fake [...]

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