This is Jaclyn, another esthetician at Advanced Rejuvenation. Jaclyn’s personal style is feminine and dramatic so her small lips weren’t working for her.

She’s had a total of 1 syringe of Juvederm in her lips, creating a very pretty and natural result. Her preference would be to go even bigger in the lips so you may see future pictures after we add more filler.

I’ve included more of the surrounding skin in the photos because they give a good indication of what happens with good skincare and IPL treatments.

Jaclyn has fair northern European skin. The before picture (left) was taken when she first started working here. She had breakouts, broken capillaries around her nostrils and brown sun spots. The after picture (right) shows a much clearer complexion. I’m not sure if the blogger program gives us enough resolution in the images for you to see the difference but it is very clear on the original pictures.