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Teosyal KISS for a small mouth

This is Jaclyn, another esthetician at Advanced Rejuvenation. Jaclyn's personal style is feminine and dramatic so her small lips weren't working for her.She's had a total of 1 syringe of Juvederm in her lips, creating a very pretty and natural result. Her preference would be to go even bigger in the lips so you may see [...]

What’s the first sign of aging?

When you're talking about changes in the volumes of the face, that is, whether the parts that should be full are full and in the right place, the first sign of aging is that line that starts at the inside corner of the eye and extends diagonally outward and downward. The older you are, the more [...]

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Alternatives to botox

Some people try BOTOX® Cosmetic and don't like it.Don't get me wrong -- I love BOTOX® Cosmetic and it works great for me. And I have a few clients who would sacrifice every other spa treatment, if necessary, in order to have their botox.But sometimes BOTOX® Cosmetic just isn't the right thing for a particular person. [...]

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