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Now is the time to erase signs of sun damage

Now that cooler temperatures have arrived and the sun has slipped behind clouds, our tans are fading. Our winter skin is showing all of the after-effects of the sun-brightened skin that we enjoyed in the summer.When you look in the mirror, you're probably not seeing a smooth bright even-toned complexion.You're probably seeing brown spots -- sun [...]

Hot News: EWG 2009 Report on Sunscreens

Is your sunscreen working for you? Are you and your family truly protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays? Are any of the components of your sunscreen potentially harmful?Now you can get the answers to these questions and more from a not-for-profit expert team called the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Their annual report on sunscreens was [...]

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Wipe out cellulite now

Advanced Rejuvenation Medical Spa is doing a study. It starts within the week. We plan to assess Refining Cellulite Body Lotion, a new product for cellulite from Vivier. The key ingredients in Refining Cellulite Body Lotion include Synephrine from bitter orange, Caffeine and Glaucine, a plant extract. These 3 compounds attack different stages of fat metabolism.Synephrine [...]

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Teosyal KISS for a small mouth

This is Jaclyn, another esthetician at Advanced Rejuvenation. Jaclyn's personal style is feminine and dramatic so her small lips weren't working for her.She's had a total of 1 syringe of Juvederm in her lips, creating a very pretty and natural result. Her preference would be to go even bigger in the lips so you may see [...]