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Study on new skincare products used after Pixel laser treatment

This is what a Pixel fractionated laser treatment looks like from before (first image) to immediately after (second image) and day-by-day to the seventh day after the treatment. We compared our standard skincare products on the left side of the face, with a new product from Vivier, HYDRAgel, and a SkinMedica product, TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream. [...]

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Research projects at Advanced Rejuvenation

This article is reprinted from our newsletter of December 18, 2008. In the past week, we have sent out a request for volunteers for the cellulite study and we are currently designing several more studies for which we will be requesting volunteers. To receive our electronic newsletter, click on the big pink button at the top [...]

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Wipe out cellulite now

Advanced Rejuvenation Medical Spa is doing a study. It starts within the week. We plan to assess Refining Cellulite Body Lotion, a new product for cellulite from Vivier. The key ingredients in Refining Cellulite Body Lotion include Synephrine from bitter orange, Caffeine and Glaucine, a plant extract. These 3 compounds attack different stages of fat metabolism.Synephrine [...]

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Would you like to look 10 years younger by Christmas?

I used to feel anxious when a family gathering or holiday time was coming up. I knew that there would be photos taken and mine would always depress the h*** out of me.Now I'm pretty happy with the way I look: beautiful smooth radiant skin, cheeks restored to their correct position, taut jawline, fresh-looking eyes.My transformation [...]

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Better than Botox?

You might have seen this ad -- I saw it today on my hotmail homepage -- a single skincare product that is miraculously going to erase every wrinkle from your face.They use a simulated picture of a woman (you have to read the fine print to know that it's simulated). Her wrinkles are deep and extensive, [...]

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Teosyal KISS for a small mouth

This is Jaclyn, another esthetician at Advanced Rejuvenation. Jaclyn's personal style is feminine and dramatic so her small lips weren't working for her.She's had a total of 1 syringe of Juvederm in her lips, creating a very pretty and natural result. Her preference would be to go even bigger in the lips so you may see [...]

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Thoughts on aesthetic medicine

I attended a course on aesthetic medicine this past Saturday.I like attending courses, learning new things, finding out about different technologies and so on. A few of the things I learned about have got me really sparked up about what I can do here at Advanced Rejuvenation.What really struck me, though, as I sat in the [...]

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Facial tightening and body recontouring with radiofrequency

Radiofrequency treatments are a great way to tighten your skin, smooth cellulite and reduce volume.I have the Accent Radiofrequency machine from Alma Lasers. It features 2 handpieces: unipolar for deep heating and bipolar for superficial tightening.The energy from the unipolar handpiece penetrates several centimeters below the skin, causing deep heating of the tissues. The immediate result [...]

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