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What to do about acne

With prom season and graduation coming up, a lot of younger people (and their parents!) are worried about clearing up acne.I had a very nice couple in the clinic last week who asked me about what could be done for their son. His dermatologist wants to start him on Accutane but 2 family members developed depression [...]

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How eye firming creams work

This is another installment in the skincare series. Earlier articles included What's in a skincare regimen, Something that really works, Treat your skin with Vitamin A, and Topical growth factors.I'm a very literal person. I've been embarrassed in some social situations because I have taken things too literally and totally misunderstood what was meant by a [...]

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Skincare: Topical growth factors

Here is the next installment in our series on skincare products. I have already discussed the skincare regimen in general, Vitamin C serum and Vitamin A products.Growth factors are cool. Growth factors were science fiction when I was growing up and now they're fact, a tool that we use in medicine on a routine basis. And [...]

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Treat your skin with Vitamin A

Continuing from my previous post What's in a skincare regimen, this article discusses Vitamin A derivatives as part of the treatment phase of a skincare protocol. An earlier article discussed the benefit of the Vitamin C serums.Vitamin A: you take it internally as part of a healthy diet but today we're talking about the amazing things [...]

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Do skincare products really make a difference?

Let me just put this out there: Good skincare products really work.I feel like the present me talking to the me of a few years ago. I've mentioned before that I went through a stage of trying all different products from the drug store and the mall with pretty mediocre results. My impression was "Oh well, [...]

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Something that really works

Before I got into the medical cosmetic world, I was dealing with aging skin myself. I didn't feel old inside but I had that typical British fair skin that had been exposed to too much sun and wind -- lots of sun damage, wrinkles, sagging skin, heavy eyelids, redness, zits, you name it.My mother is a [...]

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