Beware of “free” trials on the internet

The Daily Mail is reporting that women signing up for a free trial of "Hollywood's secret to looking young" are finding themselves with hundreds of pounds in credit card charges.Apparently, when you sign up for the free trial, you have to give a credit card number and then you find yourself receiving monthly shipments of product [...]

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Thinning hair: New pain-free laser treatment

Hair loss is an issue near and dear to my heart. My hair has been thinning since my early 30s and it got much worse a couple of years ago. I keep looking for solutions... and now I have something really revolutionary. Introducing the Illumiwave 180 -- Laser Biostimulation for Hair Rejuvenation! Let me explain: The [...]

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Come and join us for a great evening

Thursday September 23 7pm: Come and join us when we reveal Gini, Lorraine and Rose after their 10 Years Younger in Burlington transformations. You will be treated to a Fall Fashion Preview, featuring Mia's Boutique, Livingston Furs, Mirella's, Savvy Couture, The Oyster and What a Heel. Every attendee will receive a gift bag of goodies and [...]

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10 Years Younger in Burlington is back!

Our 2010 10 Years Younger in Burlington program is well underway!We are transforming 3 amazing women -- Gini, Lorraine and Rose. I can tell you that they are already looking beautiful and that is before seeing the full package with hair, makeup and clothing.Here they are:First is Gini -- short for Georgina. Her nickname is the [...]

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Risky anti-aging treatment: Would you do it?

The other day, Coral* came to see me. A health professional who works in the aesthetic industry, Coral has a youthful, volumized face in keeping with a woman who has access to all of the best anti-aging treatments.On this visit, I can see that she is healing from a fractionated laser treatment (see our Pixel -- [...]

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Botox is going to destroy society as we know it

How To Lose Friends: BotoxBotox Can Leave You With Broken RelationshipsBotox can make you less empatheticBotox injection 'leads to rejection'Wow! Who knew that a little botox to relax your frown muscles was going to leave you alone, friendless and a social outcast?Let's backtrack: where are they getting the idea for these articles?It all goes back to [...]

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Gift Idea for the Stressed Out Person

Does he grind his teeth? Look angry or anxious all the time? The treatment that relaxes these facial expressions can also reduce the emotion behind them. Imagine giving the gift of relief from stress, depression or irritability.The theory is that when we no longer look angry or stressed, people respond to us more positively and we [...]

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