Risky anti-aging treatment: Would you do it?

The other day, Coral* came to see me. A health professional who works in the aesthetic industry, Coral has a youthful, volumized face in keeping with a woman who has access to all of the best anti-aging treatments.On this visit, I can see that she is healing from a fractionated laser treatment (see our Pixel -- [...]

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Botox is going to destroy society as we know it

How To Lose Friends: BotoxBotox Can Leave You With Broken RelationshipsBotox can make you less empatheticBotox injection 'leads to rejection'Wow! Who knew that a little botox to relax your frown muscles was going to leave you alone, friendless and a social outcast?Let's backtrack: where are they getting the idea for these articles?It all goes back to [...]

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Gift Idea for the Stressed Out Person

Does he grind his teeth? Look angry or anxious all the time? The treatment that relaxes these facial expressions can also reduce the emotion behind them. Imagine giving the gift of relief from stress, depression or irritability.The theory is that when we no longer look angry or stressed, people respond to us more positively and we [...]

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Dr. Frankenstein 2009

Bizarre but true: plastic surgeon married a woman he didn't love and didn't find attractive but thought had "potential." He performed 8 operations and injected 1000's of dollars worth of botox and fillers to transform her into his ideal woman."Only AFTER £18,000 of cosmetic surgery did Reza, 48, fall in love with her." Here are Before [...]

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Now is the time to erase signs of sun damage

Now that cooler temperatures have arrived and the sun has slipped behind clouds, our tans are fading. Our winter skin is showing all of the after-effects of the sun-brightened skin that we enjoyed in the summer.When you look in the mirror, you're probably not seeing a smooth bright even-toned complexion.You're probably seeing brown spots -- sun [...]

Fix droopy eyelids without surgery

We often think of droopy lids as simply a cosmetic problem, but for sufferers they are more. Not only do they have to put up with constant inquiries about their sleeping habits and apparent lack of energy, the lids actually press on the eyelids making the eyes themselves tired. Nicola, our Director of Business Development is [...]

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Latest trends in bikini grooming from Europe

A lot of my bikini hair removal clients are still asking for a brazilian, meaning everything off.That's why I was interested to read on this Irish blog that more and more European women are choosing a well-groomed triangle rather than baring all.The latest stats for Harley Medical’s Dublin clinic reveal that eight out of ten gals [...]

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