Better than Botox?

You might have seen this ad -- I saw it today on my hotmail homepage -- a single skincare product that is miraculously going to erase every wrinkle from your face.They use a simulated picture of a woman (you have to read the fine print to know that it's simulated). Her wrinkles are deep and extensive, [...]

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Chemical peels on the body: My latest favourite thing

Medical grade chemical peels work. They increase the turnover of cells, making the skin smoother and more dewy. They reduce pigment in the skin. Certain peels hydrate. They can smooth out wrinkles. If you have acne, peels are great for reducing blemishes and improving the appearance of your skin.However, to tell you the truth, I don't [...]

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Facial tightening and body recontouring with radiofrequency

Radiofrequency treatments are a great way to tighten your skin, smooth cellulite and reduce volume.I have the Accent Radiofrequency machine from Alma Lasers. It features 2 handpieces: unipolar for deep heating and bipolar for superficial tightening.The energy from the unipolar handpiece penetrates several centimeters below the skin, causing deep heating of the tissues. The immediate result [...]

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Sculptra Results

Many of you are familiar with our lovely Michele, an esthetician here at Advanced Rejuvenation but you may not know that Michele at one time was challenged with aging skin.Let's look at Michele in July 2007:I hope you can see this image as clearly as it appears on our computers here at the clinic.What I see [...]

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Exciting News

When I first heard about this product, I thought it was amazing, a totally different approach to restoring youthfulness to the face. I attended my first training course on it one year ago in the US. I've been waiting patiently for it and now I finally have it.This is a product that stimulates your own body [...]

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Fear Factor: BOTOX®?

"I love what Botox does for me but I've been hearing the reports in the media and I don't think I should use it any more."The call came in yesterday but I've been hearing similar comments recently from various sources. What's going on? Why are people afraid of BOTOX®?Here's the buzz in the media:Botox and a [...]

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